XXVIII Meeting on Public Economics
A Coruña (Spain), 27-28 May 2020

Special Session on “Public Policy Evaluation”

The evaluation of public policies is configured as a necessity in the culture of accountability, within the framework of Public Administrations. Current governments face increasing demands of public goods and services provision in a more restrictive fiscal setting, which revives the need to improve the allocation of public resources. In this context, a central goal of policymakers is to design evidence-based public policies that take part in the decision-making processes regarding the budgetary sphere to foster a Results Based Budgeting (RBB) culture.

The integration of the explanatory potential of macro and microsimulation models to evaluate the impact of tax and expenditure policies is a key research topic in Economics nowadays. In general, the main aim of these analyses is to serve as a guide for public policy design.

Aiming to provide an opportunity to bring together relevant research work in the field of public policy evaluation, both from the micro and macro traditions, we are pleased to announce a Special Session on “Public Policy Evaluation” in which the Spanish Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) will actively participate. The session will include contributions from researchers attending the 28eep and from AIReF research work on this topic. Moreover, a Thematic Session on Teaching on Public Economics will be included in the final program. We are convinced that all of them will promote a high quality fruitful scientific discussion on a key field of Public Economics.

Full papers should be submitted electronically by March 1st 2021 the Conference Maker and selecting the following submission topic: “Special Session-public-policy-evaluation”.