XXVII Encuentro de Economía Pública
23 y 24 enero 2020, Barcelona

Workshop on Public Policies: Inequality of opportunity

In recent years, the literature on the distributional consequences of Public policies has been growing. Besides the documented inequality in outcomes as income or wealth, recent studies focused on the inequality of the determinants of a person’s potential to succeed in life. Scholars have suggested gender, family background, economic circumstances, geography, and ethnicity, among others, as potential drivers for inequalities of opportunities. Furthermore, the distributional consequences of public policies must be analyzed to understand if their particular design helps to provide equal opportunities to the population as a whole.

We are pleased to announce a specialized Workshop on “Public Policies” that will take place on January 23-24, 2020 in Barcelona (Spain). The Workshop will combine invited speakers with contributed papers, and will run in parallel to the “27th Meeting of Public Economics”. Professors Caterina Calsamiglia (Institute of Political Economy and Governance - IPEG), Laura Hospido (Bank of Spain ), Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi University) and Libertad González (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) have already confirmed their attendance as invited speakers. We aim to bring together relevant research work in the field of public policies, using micro data.

Contributed papers topics may focus on any of the following main areas of research:

  • Taxation
  • Education
  • Health
  • Pension systems
  • Redistributive effects of fiscal policy
  • The political economy of tax and spending reforms
  • Fiscal policy evaluation

Submission instructions

Full papers should be in English and must be submitted electronically by 25 October 2019 using the Conference Maker and selecting the following submission topic: “Workshop-public-policy-evaluation”.

Acceptance decisions will be communicated by 19 November 2019. The scientific committee of the Workshop is the same as the one of the “27th Meeting of Public Economics”.


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