XXX Meeting on Public Economics
4 y 5 mayo 2023, Badajoz


Alexandre Pedrós Award

1. Requirements for participants
Candidates to the award must fulfill the conditions listed below:

  • Participate in the Meeting on Public Economics and present a paper.
  • Express their willingness to participate in the call for the prize, according to the instructions sent by e-mail.
  • All authors and co-authors of the paper must be younger than 40 years old on the last day of the Meeting.

2. Research fields
The papers that compete for the prize will be selected in the field of Public Economics, with priority given to the research fields in which Professor Pedrós focused his academic and professional activity, namely: Fiscal Federalism, Autonomous and Local Treasury, Taxation and Public Choice.

3. Award jury
The award jury will be chaired by professor Guillem López Casasnovas, from the Pompeu Fabra University, and will be composed of professors Núria Bosch, Joan Colom and José María Durán, of the University of Barcelona, and by the Co-Chairs of the Meetings. If a member of the jury competes for the prize, he/she will be excluded from the jury prior to deliberation.

4. Prize
The amount of the Prize is 1,500 euros and will be awarded by the jury to the best paper presented at the Meeting in the research fields mentioned in base 2.

5. Awarded
The decision of the Jury will be unappealable and will be made public at the Meeting. The price may be declared void.

Participation in the contest for this Prize implies full acceptance of these rules.

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